Financial services

We have experienced consultants with both strategy and senior financial services line experience who can quickly hone in on your issues and opportunities.

We have a deep understanding of what it takes to ‘wire’ a business for the right customer experience, revenue, productivity, cost management and risk outcomes.

Across industries, we are known for the distinctive focus we bring to operations. Our consultants work across all levels of a business, including the front line.

Our clients have a positive learning experience when working with us and we take time to ensure outcomes which are supported by their alignment and ownership.  Our work comes with extensive training and coaching to develop your people and help ensure sustainability.

We help companies in the financial services sector with:

  • Understanding the key drivers of the business.
  • Using strategic sourcing effectively.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of sales or account forces.
  • Organisation design and shared services optimisation.
  • Operations productivity in processing and call centres, both onshore and offshore.
  • Wiring – ensuring all layers of the business speak to each other.
  • Outsourcing opportunities and cost reduction.
  • Capital efficiency and major project productivity.

Examples of our work in financial services:

We worked with a major retail bank to convert a US$300m bank-wide transformation into actionable components. We ensured it had the right business owner accountabilities, targets, work plans and standalone business cases. These covered:

  • Core platform investment.
  • Retail branch and ATM network optimisation, for best customer reach.
  • Customer acquisition and defection management.
  • Shared services integration and optimisation.
  • Operations streamlining and simplification.

By using strategic sourcing, we delivered a AU$14m reduction in spend for a leading company in the financial services sector. In a global financial services’ outsourcing provider we:

  • Reduced direct labour cost per unit by 22% in one area of a mortgage processing facility.
  • Delivered a procurement spend reduction by over US$13m.
  • Reduced compressed space per full-time equivalent (FTE) by over 10%.
  • Improved call centre Level 1 resolution by 26%, reduced after-call wrap up time by 22% and increased call centre agent utilisation by 10%.

We also helped a major bank identify and deliver improvements in the productivity of its onshore and offshore operations. We:

  • Ran diagnostics with the client at multiple locations.
  • Identified a US$20-$30m opportunity by improving productivity and reducing costs.
  • Implemented and delivered the improvements and put in place the right wiring, capabilities and coaching to sustain these gains and ensure continuous improvement.

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