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We systematically identify and prioritise opportunities to improve feed mix, throughput and yield.

Surface operations are often major process bottlenecks. Our approach systematically diagnoses opportunities to improve feedmix, throughput and yield (recovery) leading to the implementation of a pipeline of improvement ideas. We have an extensive database of approaches and improvement ideas for all types of processing plants.

Typical improvement approaches in surface operations:

  • Value Driver Trees for all processes
  • Mine-to-mill optimisation (feed mix, ore fragmentation)
  • Shutdown planning and management
  • Systematic reduction of unplanned downtime (maintenance and operations)
  • Throughput and yield improvement
  • Milling efficiency and effectiveness
  • Power management
  • Consumables management.

Example: Surface operations improvement

At a low-grade, high-volume gold and silver mine, recovery in the processing plant was identified by management as an area of the business that needed to improve. We were asked to assist in improving recovery within existing spending. The joint client and Partners in Performance team generated and prioritised a set of ideas. By focussing the client on those with the biggest impact and holding assigned staff to account on the delivery of these ideas, the client achieved a 5% increase in gold recovery, 18% increase in silver recovery and a decrease processing spend of 10%.

Partners in Performance’s team mobilised our senior management team to get real alignment behind the asset portfolio optimisation process, notwithstanding significant sensitivities. The process, led by our team, produced significant actionable insights, and related decisions, within just eight weeks. They has been very effective at structuring issues and working to deliver the most value at the least cost. Partners in Performance have been invaluable at helping us understand the true economic drivers of our business, how to optimise our assets, and creating an actionable and practical plan to execute on this. The ability to engage with senior management also ensured that the recommendations addressed stakeholder concerns, and had the management on-board.MANFRED, VICE PRESIDENT - EUROPEAN OPERATIONS, MINING INDUSTRY

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