Fleet maintenance management

Our fleet maintenance experience provides a deep knowledge of best practice and benchmark performance in heavy vehicle fleets.

Fleet maintenance has a powerful impact on the achievement of production goals. Additionally, the maintenance budget is often the biggest area of controllable spending in a mining operation.

We have worked extensively in the organisational design and operation of heavy vehicle workshops – our maintenance experts are knowledgeable in best practices and benchmark performance, for all equipment types, in both hard-rock and coal mining.

Typical improvement approaches in fleet maintenance management:

  • Maintenance effectiveness
    • Critical equipment strategies, prioritised on production value
    • Overhauls – reduce frequency and duration and increase effectiveness
    • Unplanned downtime – systematic elimination of root causes of failure
    • Maintenance cost reduction
  • Work management
    • Workflow management and scheduling
    • Tool-time improvement
    • Spares and store management
    • Organisation design
    • Coaching in active supervision and short-interval control
    • Maintenance And Repair Contract (MARC) management and negotiation

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Example: Fleet Maintenance Management

A large gold miner had switched from contract maintenance to owner maintenance and production targets were under pressure due to haul and load fleet availability declining. Hydraulic failures were found to be the most severe and persistent cause of downtime, and over three months we helped the client achieve a 12% reduction in the number of hydraulic failures per day and a 15% improvement in the mean time between failures. This was achieved by implementing a pipeline of improvement ideas including short interval control, with visual boards, checklists, and improved planning and scheduling of maintenance routines to ensure sustainability.

You and your team have really done a great job for us. I don’t think anyone will be able to say that this partnership was anything but a complete success: over-delivered on targets; wrapped up on time; services delivered under budget, and no one got hurt.GRANT, BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT MANAGER, DIAMOND MINING INDUSTRY

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