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We deliver operational excellence by tackling bottlenecks, increasing sales margins and volumes, and reducing inefficiencies and waste.

We work with our clients to put in place the processes needed to run high-performing operations. From day one we help our clients mobilise their organisations to deliver bottom line results. Our consultants have experience across multiple manufacturing and processing industries and are quick to identify opportunities. Working across all levels of a business – including the front line – we have the experience, knowledge and tools to implement improvements and ensure the changes stick. Our team of tenured consultants includes experts in Lean and Six Sigma, allowing us to seamlessly work with organisations that have invested in building their internal capabilities.

We work to exceed targets whilst instilling a culture of continuous improvement – giving our clients the capability to tackle inefficiencies and waste after we depart. One example is when we worked with a food manufacturer to improve labour efficiency. Our consultants helped the company achieve an increase of 10-20% in efficiency in each of its plants. The client achieved another 10% gain in efficiency the following year with no external support.

Our global experience spans a broad range of management issues, including:

  • Commercial due diligence and site diagnostics: We conduct multiple site visits for our clients to quickly identify capacity, productivity, cost, quality, mix, lead-time and sales/price opportunities.
  • Improved construction productivity, delivery on plan and commissioning of new production facilities and warehouses.
  • Optimisation within the four walls of a plant, covering cost reduction, de-bottlenecking, labour optimisation, waste reduction, productivity uplift and safety.
  • Improvements across the network covering capacity optimisation, product-mix optimisation, demand management and planning, critical path and lead-time reduction.
  • Logistics and supply-chain management improvements.
  • Organisation-wide alignment and, by using the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and accountabilities to drive the right outcomes, ‘wiring’ the business for success.
  • Improved sourcing and logistics.
  • Cost reduction and overhead cost reduction.
  • Footprint optimisation.
  • Improved sales force effectiveness to achieve greater total sales margins.
  • Corporate level strategy that leads to significant growth and value.
  • The establishment of a culture of continuous improvement together with extensive coaching and training to ensure ‘buy-in’ occurs and the changes are sustainable.
I commend you for getting so far in less than two weeks and with such clarity around the business, its economics and how it works. It has highlighted things we knew were important but hadn’t quite realised just how important they were. It has also come up with some new, important ideas. I am really impressed by how far you got in such a short space of time. JULIAN, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY

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