Media, hospitality and gaming

The highly visible nature of these industries means that our clients are looking for specialised assistance in order to get it right the first time.

The media, hospitality and gaming industries are high-volume, capital and labour-intensive businesses, which undergo constant change due to regulation and competition.


The media industry is in the midst of a sweeping digital transformation as advances in technology and infrastructure continue to reshape how, where and when content and information are consumed.

Examples of what our consultants have helped our clients achieve:

  • Increased sales by $15m by implementing an improved sales strategy and reduced costs by $3m at a leading Australian print media company.
  • Restructured a leading Australian media company (to individual level) within seven weeks of starting an engagement to simplify service and reduce full-time equivalent (FTE) costs by 20%.
  • Completed a Sales Force Effectiveness diagnostic with a leading media monitoring and analysis company in Australia. We then restructured its entire Australian sales and customer service team in order to achieve better alignment. The restructure was supported with the roll-out of clear roles, accountabilities, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), new incentives, weekly Results-Actions-Reviews and intensive training and coaching.
  • Implemented new customer segments based on value (platinum to bronze) and clear service levels for the leading Asia-Pacific media monitoring company.
  • Conducted a sales force and pricing effectiveness diagnostic for a leading outdoor advertising company. This generated a number of high-value improvement opportunities that were implemented following the diagnostic.


The highly competitive hospitality industry, which includes food and beverage (F&B) and hotel operations, is capital and labour intensive. We focus on helping clients achieve cost effectiveness and operating efficiency. We do this by focusing on optimising:

  • Labour mix – staffing to demand
  • Labour capability – coaching for effectiveness
  • Venue profitability – margin maximisation and table turns

Our capabilities and expertise in this area are focused on the rapid sustainable improvement of:

  • Sales effectiveness
  • Menu engineering
  • Procurement efficiency
  • Capital project portfolio management
  • Existing portfolio optimisation
  • Cost reduction

Examples of what we have helped our clients achieve:

  • Performed numerous diagnostics in integrated resorts across the globe. In aggregate we have identified more than $250m in annual EBIT impact across multiple levers.
  • Achieved ~17% reduction in spend across selected food and beverage categories while improving procurement processes for major Asia/Pacific integrated resort operation.
  • Improved front line accountability: Helped clients establish performance accountability with the front line and deploy simple, effective dynamic tools to guide best value decision making.


The gaming industry is one of the most transparent, regulated, monitored and taxed industries in the world. Its highly competitive daily operations are capital and labour intensive. We focus on helping clients achieve revenue and cost optimisation in their operations by focusing on:

  • Game mix.
  • Limit mix and denomination mix within each game.
  • Customer throughput via hand-speed optimisation.
  • Staffing practices (rostering, staffing to demand and staff mix).
  • Overheads optimisation (back-office effectiveness).
  • Security cost optimisation.

Our capabilities and expertise in this area are focused on the rapid sustainable improvement of:

  • Operations productivity.
  • Staff efficiency.
  • Procurement efficiency.
  • Capital project portfolio management.
  • Cost reduction.

Examples of what we have helped our clients achieve:

  • Improved profitability: Delivered an 11% increase in table gaming margin and 6.5% increase in gaming machine margin.
  • Optimised gaming operations: Helped develop and deploy game productivity improvements including bet times, dynamic limit changes and game mixes with subsequent links to staffing structures and levels.
  • Implemented sustainable Business Improvement process and culture in a leading Australian casino, delivering EBIT impact 25% higher than original target.
  • Identified ~20% savings opportunity in the security services function of major casino company. Savings were fully delivered within six months.
Partners in Performance came into our business approximately four months ago. Very quickly, actually within days, we started to get really positive feedback from our clients, saying they could already notice a change. The changes are certainly sustainable and the main reason for that is they work; it’s been built into our structures. So as the result of us being with the business, we’ve changed the structure of our business. Some of the news brought to the table wasn’t necessarily news we wanted to hear, but they certainly had a nice way to bring up the business and they helped us find solutions to implement. SEAN, SALES DIRECTOR, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY

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