We have deep expertise in all aspects of mining and have worked across all major geographies.

Open cut operations

Our engagements address all aspects of open cut mine operations (coal and hard rock) to enhance productivity. We work with you to identify and prioritise the major bottlenecks and critical drivers of volume and cost.

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Underground hard-rock

Underground operations require strict planning and tight operating disciplines to avoid becoming a critical bottleneck.

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Digital in mining

We help our clients make sense of the digital disruption in mining by identifying the highest value opportunities on your operation and managing technology implementation with best-in-class project management support.

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Underground coal

Our focus is on what needs to get done and not just on tonnes.

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Fixed plant

We systematically identify and prioritise opportunities to improve feed mix, throughput and yield.

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Contract mining

We help our clients to manage their contracts and contractors better, we help contractors to improve their performance and, when a change to either insourcing or outsourcing is being considered, we help our clients to make an informed decision, to plan for the transition and to execute it successfully.

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Mine Planning and Scheduling

We help our clients to revisit and optimise their mine plan, improve the coordination of their mine planning and operational schedules and ensure compliance to the plan.

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Fleet Maintenance Management

Our fleet maintenance experience provides a deep knowledge of best practice and benchmark performance in heavy vehicle fleets.

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Support Services

Support services have a substantial impact on the performance and costs of mining operations. We are the industry expert in making sure that organisations have efficient and rapid results with the same resources.

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Mining Capital

Maximising the value achieved from capital investments through embedding best practice portfolio development and project delivery across client project teams.

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