Mining capital

Maximising the value achieved from capital investments through embedding best practice portfolio development and project delivery across client project teams.

Getting the right returns from capital expenditure requires meticulous planning and execution – whether you are planning a multi-billion dollar greenfield mine and refinery in West Africa or trying to optimise your annual schedule of sustaining capital projects within a diminishing budget. We help mines focus on five aspects of their capital:

  • Major and mega capita projects.
  • Sustaining capital.
  • Maintenance and operations inventory.
  • In-process inventories.
  • Working capital (debtors’ days and accounts receivable).

We provide a mix of practical tools and effective coaching that helps clients to finish ahead of schedule and under budget without cutting quality or impacting safety.

Typical improvement approaches in capital:

  • Capital projects: This work covers major project portfolio optimisation, project design NPV optimisation, contracting strategy, construction productivity, operational readiness and organisation design, and commissioning support.
  • Sustaining capital: Project pipeline review and optimisation, sustaining capital wiring, and sustaining capital management.
  • Maintenance and operations inventory: Equipment strategy, stock level right sizing, and warehouse management.
  • In process inventory: Feed optimisation, throughput management, stockpile layout & management, and value trade-off optimisation.
  • Working capital: Terms of trade rationalisation, debtor reduction, and accounts payable management.

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I have worked with Partners in Performance to identify, test, and develop opportunities that add significant value to a project that was thought to be ‘bolted down’ in terms of scope and potential for improvement. The approach to adding value is to mobilise skilled technical leaders, and then integrate them across all disciplines and levels of the project team. Their behaviour is constructive, and value creation is a result of collaborative leadership across several disciplines. Ultimately, the asset value has been increased by several hundred million dollars.DAVE, PROJECT DIRECTOR, GOLD MINING INDUSTRY

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