Professional sports practice

We work hand in hand with professional sports organisations to identify and optimise profit maximisation strategies and rapidly enable transformation into viable, sustainable long term businesses

We have diverse experience in the business of professional sports:

  • Worked in, and consulted to, large and small professional sports organisations including leagues, teams, associations, training facilities and stadiums, in both individually owned, and franchised, environments
  • Maximised profitability by expanding revenue, controlling costs and modernising their strategy

We understand the drivers of profitability:

  • Sales: increasing viewership, membership, minimise ‘downtime’ and, importantly, expand peripherals
  • Cost of goods sold (COGS): salaries, transfer fees, merchandise range-planning, global sourcing, promotion and discounting strategies, and buying process best practice
  • Cost of doing business (CODB): event and facilities/stadium management, contractor management, overhead cost reduction, and procurement and usage reduction
  • Funds employed: CAPEX reduction, inventory management

~We take a dynamic, and prioritised approach to sports profitability:

  • Understands historic and modern perspectives on gain, prestige and profit
  • Employs a systematic, analytical and quantitative approach to the greater business which leverages data and fact-based analysis to generate implementable insights, strategies and improvements on key issues facing professional sports organisations
  • Seeks to eliminate division and disunity among multiple stakeholders within the organisation
  • Works to agree clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the organization at every level
  • Understands professional sports organisation’s alignment and motivations from board to front-line (i.e. players, stadium labour) through business wiring and promotable traits to create commonly understood and agreed upon vision
  • Introduces and coach professional management and tools that drive sustainable profitability generation

Real-world examples of issues on which We have provided thought leadership:

How do we …

  • “ … stay at the forefront of the latest thinking within the game?” CEO, English football club
  • “… maximise the time and money that spectators and visitors spend during their visit?” Director, major international sporting body
  • Overcome the “… fallacy out there that you build venues to their maximum for one game a year?” Former CEO, major australian stadium
  • Get ahead of the “…many teams rely[ing] on hope as a strategy?” CEO, major international multi-sport stadium facility
  • Adjust for the "...increasing appetite to integrate a digital dimension into the venue experience?” CEO, Australian stadium
  • “... provide a sport that will deliver viewership?” CEO, Non-core Australian Professional League
  • Ensure we don’t become one of “…the majority of clubs face[ing] genuine revenue issues because they are poorly run?” CEO, Core Australian Professional Sports Players Association

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