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Our Public Sector Practice designs and implements large and complex government reforms across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the USA and the Middle East

Innovation, agility and sustainable high performance: principles that we apply every day and are vital to Australia’s future growth in the current subdued global economic environment. Based on these principles, our mission is to deliver lasting impact. Our Public Sector Practice provides services such as:

Increasing productivity with equal or lower operating budgets

Frequently in government we are asked to do more with less; often departmental budgets are frozen and yet workloads continue to increase unabated

We work directly with you to determine how current programmes and operations can be delivered more efficiently, by eliminating waste, unnecessary work, re-work, accelerating processes and applying digital tools and focussing staff on the things that matter most

At the same time, We help government agencies design cost-effective and streamlined organisational structures to deliver future workloads

Reducing spend, risk and time in major capital works

A significant portion of the blow-outs in time and budget on capital projects are controllable through improved capital project management: EPCM firms’ experienced people are spread so thinly across so many projects you can no longer rely on them for excellence in this area, and the same may well apply to your own internal teams. We help to control capital projects based on four elements:

  • Selecting the best projects given budget constraints, and a myriad of selection criteria
  • Putting in project management and assurance systems and skills to proactively ensure project success
  • Significantly enhancing project value by reducing capital and enhancing outcomes
  • Accelerating construction to significantly lower costs and risks

In addition, We work with clients on optimising maintenance capital and maintaining ageing assets.

Driving performance in complex programme implementation

Government departments often have tens to hundreds of programmes to deliver, however, the challenge is to prioritise scarce resources (such as staff time around the things that really make a difference, whilst managing the interdependencies between programmes)

We help clients set up central implementation offices, determining which projects and programmes should be prioritised or retired, and where staff should focus their energies

We provide rigorous implementation support, ‘parachuting’ into troubled or delayed projects as needed, ensuring time cost and benefits are moving to plan, and providing leadership with sufficiently early warning of major issues and risks so that corrective action can be taken

As an example, We are currently supporting the Department of Defence in the implementation of its landmark First Principles Review

Optimising shared services, overheads and high-volume transaction processing

Getting the approach to corporate services right is important: a poor design can result in frustration and inefficiency

We have experience not only in designing (or redesigning) corporate services and shared service functions but in actually making those functions function as intended

We work at the front-line level with staff who are actually providing the services and determine how things can be done better

We also identify opportunities to combine, centralise or insource/outsource shared services, in order that the services are delivered more efficiently and effectively

Achieving sustainable culture change: hard wiring in a true performance organisation

We specialise in creating performance cultures

This can be particularly challenging in Public Sector environments where some private sector levers (such as financial incentives) need to be balanced against non-financial outcomes

We help Government organisations articulate their desired outcomes or results and then we design the wiring (the behaviours, systems, processes) around that to achieve the results using the tools available in the public sector environment

Reducing Procurement costs in a responsible manner

We specialise in a rapid review external spend, and after 1-2 weeks can identify what savings you can achieve from a rigorous new procurement initiative

We are typically able to lower external spend costs by 5-10%

We do so in a sustainable way and a way which is in harmony with the communities impacted by Government procurement, whilst passing our skills onto your staff

I am truly amazed by how much work Partners in Performance delivered against a tight schedule.....the final recommendations provided us with a very clear blueprint for the future and their assistance in structuring the implementation effort has been invaluable. SIMON, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, PUBLIC SECTOR INDUSTRY

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