Support services

Support services have a substantial impact on the performance and costs of mining operations. We help you create focused, high performing support services.

Whether it is faster recruiting to reduce manning bottlenecks, lower flight and accommodation costs or eliminating stock-outs of critical spares, we know how to improve support services. Our team will draw on the experience of our experts and our database of hundreds of specific ideas and approaches that have been successfully implemented with our clients around the world.

Typical improvement approaches in support services:

  • Accommodation services: Rationalise shift rotations, load smoothing, contract design and management
  • Flights: Commercial Sourcing, load management
  • Recruiting: Pipeline velocity
  • Supply chain and inventory: Remote site warehouse management, max-min reorder, stock-outs and total value of ownership.

Example: Support services

At one site recently, lack of staff, as a result of slow recruiting and trucks parked up due to lack of drivers, cost the company $30m per annum in lost tonnage. The key was to increase the speed of the recruiting pipeline: we helped our client achieve a 40% increase in pipeline velocity within six weeks as well as installing the processes, systems and skills in the staff to make this sustainable.

Outstanding results. We measured about $80m of savings in the period Partners in Performance were on-site, and, all in all, about $100m of cost savings. It was particularly good value for money, and we are certainly very happy.ROD, EXECUTIVE GENERAL MANAGER, COAL MINING INDUSTRY

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