Technology practice

We work with organisations to help them unleash performance through the design, development, operation and maintenance phases of the technology life cycle

Technology spending keeps growing and the industry is constantly changing. Staying ahead of the competition and making sure you are extracting value from your technology investments remains a top priority. One of the few areas of growth and investment is in technology space, with budgets increasing at an average of 4.3% a year whilst others are receding. And yet, a large percentage of (particularly large) technology projects are deemed to have failed, with below-average productivity and a poor track record on costs and benefits. We bring deep insights into why these projects fail, and how to get them back on track. We work closely with your team to quickly resolve the major issues, and put in place the right systems, processes and KPIs, to drive performance. We are known for the distinctive focus we bring to achieving results. We don’t produce reports, we deliver results. To do that, our Consultants work across all levels of a business, including the front line. We have developed a set of tools and approaches that ensure we can help you deliver results and, more importantly, provide coaching and training along the way so you can continue to improve when we are gone.

How we differ from old-style management consulting

  • Our business is execution: 80% of our work is in assisting clients deliver bottom-line results, and establish the systems to sustain them.
  • Client management teams enjoy working with Our consultants – more mature and not green MBAs, more humility and respect.
  • We establish transparency and ownership at the top, while driving at the front line.
  • We assist client's team become accountable for intangibles and then manage them.
  • We help simplify complex technical problems into practical business-led solutions.
  • We help deliver big, rapid, sustainable results – day in day out (not academic reports).
  • We have more than 4,000 IP documents on improving projects and operations leading to accelerated results.
  • We help deliver site and team alignment.

We help technology organisations with:

Programme optimisation

Maximise the value achieved from technology investments through embedding best practice portfolio selection, valuation and development. We work closely with senior management, IT and business owners, to simplify and rationalise the portfolio of projects, assessing value and risk, to determine the appropriate structure.

  • Develop structured list of projects
  • Objective assessment of return and risk
  • Clearly define deliverables and interdependencies
  • Confirm value of projects, and agree with broader team

IT Action Room/Project Excellence

Ensure programmes and projects are delivered on time, and on budget, through coaching and training of Programme and Project Managers. We drive transparency, visibility, accountability and improved behaviours by Programme and Project Managers for large complex project deliverables

  • Clearly define short-term milestones for all related projects
  • Coach and train project managers in daily/weekly stand-ups (scrums)
  • Drive for accountability and problem resolution
  • Address risks and interdependencies on a regular basis

Large-scale agile transformation

Assist organisations manage large-scale agile development, driving efficiency and appropriate governance to deliver business outcomes. We ensure effectiveness of agile development is combined with the efficiency of its governance and oversight, and prevent excessive oversight or insufficient interaction.

  • Plan in detail the meeting cadence of the organisation
  • Ensure prioritisation of the projects and level of governance required
  • Provide sufficient support and coaching at each level
  • Drive the drumbeat with an effective project management office (PMO) that deep dives as necessary

Operations excellence

Enable organisations to improve efficiencies and reduce the cost of its operations through a structured continuous improvement process focused on the key levers.

  • Cost reduction
  • Reduction in processing time
  • Backlog reduction

What our clients say

… a refreshing and disciplined approach to managing IT projects which has already [four weeks in] seen the overall IT programme of work operate on budget, on schedule and to quality expectations. CHRISTINE, GENERAL MANAGER - IT, MINING INDUSTRY
As a result of the Partners in Performance engagement;… We have definitely changed. We think differently. We act differently. GARRY, GLOBAL IT SERVICE SUPPORT EXECUTIVE, BANKING INDUSTRY

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