Meet the team

Our people are what set us apart.

Mohamed Abdulahi

Auckland, New Zealand

Soccer coach, outdoor adventurist and Partner


Master's in Engineering (First-Class Honours) in Electrical and Electronics and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours and Ardmore Scholar) from the University of Auckland

Prior to joining Partners in Performance I didn’t know much about management consulting but I wanted to gain exposure to as many different sectors and challenges as possible, learn different ways of doing things and work with great people. Partners in Performance gave me all of this whilst still delivering real, measurable results to the client.

Since I’ve joined, I’ve been exposed to most engagement approaches. These have included:

Delivering over 10 Rigorous Optimisation of Capital Expenditure (ROCX) engagements in Mining and Oil and Gas, with a combined capital expenditure (capex) reduction of approximately $2bn
Delivering oveAU$200m in sourcing savings in shipping and logistics, sub-contractors, labour, drilling material, equipment, and parts and construction.

I joined Partners in Performance as an Associate five years ago and I am now an Associate Principal. I love it for the innovative spirit that continually enables it to meet clients’ needs; the interesting work that fosters learning experiences and the fact that we have become a global firm that is still growing. I had the opportunity to work with our clients in Australasia, North America and various countries in Central and South America.

It is a place to meet and work with outstanding people who are fun to work with. Being part of Partners in Performance or client team, and working together in partnership, is rewarding. And achieving the right results and seeing the client smiling, really does have a special satisfaction to it.

Renat Akimbitov

Moscow, Russia

Astronomer, tables tennis king and Associate Principal

Associate Principal

Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

There is a popular joke about consulting in Russia. The rabbits were suffering a lot of threats in the forest. They decided to ask the owl for help. After a while the owl came up with a perfectly wise solution – rabbits should become hedgehogs because they’re too prickly to get hurt. The rabbits thanked the owl but, on their way, home it hit them that they have no idea how to become hedgehogs. So, they went back and asked the owl how they could make this transformation. The owl simply answered: “I have no clue. I don’t do solutions, I do strategy”.

This story is contrary to what Partners in Performance does. The most frequent word I heard, prior to joining, was: “results”. And when I started working here I saw that all those words about a constant focus on results were true. That’s why I joined Partners in Performance ; that’s why I love working here.

In my 12 months it’s unbelievable how much I've been exposed to, including one engagement I am particularly proud of, how we helped a Russian gold mine achieve almost 60% increase in production.

The value in what we help our clients achieve is simply infectious. This coupled with the values, which aren’t just skin deep but really do form the basis to how people behave and act on an everyday basis, makes it a great place to work. It’s one of the many things that make us a great team and allow us to constantly deliver high-quality results.

Partners in Performance unleashes not only the potential of the client’s people but also that of its own people. I continue to grow both professionally and personally while working with different people across different cultures.

Dimitri Spiliotis

Houston, Texas

Travel enthusiast, soccer player and Partner


MBA from INSEAD and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics (cum laude) from Harvard University

Several years ago I found myself leaving an operating role where I had the responsibility of closing down a business after six exciting, yet challenging, years as the general manager. In thinking of the next steps, I was torn between searching for a different operating role that would provide another valuable experience, and a consulting role offering all the intellectual stimulation and the diversity of experiences I had enjoyed at the start of my career in strategy consulting. The more I learned about Partners in Performance, the more it seemed to be offering everything that I was looking for. It has not disappointed.

In addition to developing a wonderful management skill set, I have participated meaningfully in numerous client success stories:

  • Achieving tens of millions of dollars of throughput improvement for a medium-sized copper mine
  • Reorganising and improving the effectiveness of a television sales force
  • Saving over $20m in costs for a gold-mining company in three months

One of the things I love about Partners in Performance is our relentless focus on results. It leads to a healthy, team effort to help the client improve as much as possible and, ironically, translates into less stress than I have experienced in other roles.

I also appreciate the rewarding relationships that I have developed with both colleagues and clients. Succeeding together with others is a very fulfilling experience.

Christine Janse van Rensburg

Johannesburg, South Africa

Fitness enthusiast, wine connoisseur and Manager


Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the North West University

While in an operational role, I heard of Consultants working in exciting places, doing really cool things and I wanted to be one of them! I was very interested in management consulting but at the same time also scared that I would end up in an environment where there is a lot of talk and recommendations, but no real results or value. While working in the line, you are exposed to Consultants who arrive on-site, make recommendations and then leave. Nothing changes, and the report of recommendations usually remains untouched. Partners in Performance caught my attention because of their strong focus on implementation, execution and the drive to really add value. Their reputation and slogan – “Rapid, sustainable results” made me think this is the place where I can do the exciting work and know that I have contributed to real value and results.

My time at Partners in Performance has been filled with a variety of experiences — several different clients, locations and problems which all contribute to invaluable exposure and personal growth. When working hand-in-hand with clients, coaching them throughout an engagement, you unleash your own potential as well as develop and empower others to achieve theirs. You leave a site with clients telling you that you changed their lives while knowing that you have personally grown significantly.

It is a place where you’ll have lots of fun with like-minded, interesting and smart people while being stretched to grow at a rapid pace. You ‘get down and dirty’ and see the value-add, helping people with implementation and empowering them to do it again.

Xavier Maillart

São Paulo, Brazil

Multi-lingual, sailor and Partner


Engineering degrees from the Universities of Louvain and Cambridge and an MBA from INSEAD

Why did you choose Partners in Performance?

After my MBA I joined a strategy consulting firm. I learned a lot there, but sometimes I felt a bit far from the client’s reality. Then I took an operational role in a retail group: very hands on, but with daily operational priorities it was sometimes difficult to get quality thinking time and focus on mid-long term projects. I feel I get the best of both worlds: working on high impact projects within a high potential group, but at the same time integrated in the operations, spending more time solving problems interacting with clients than building nice looking presentations.

What have you achieved since you joined?

As we focus on fast results, we normally start the projects with a 2-3 weeks diagnostic which has a triple objective: identify the improvement potential and the priorities, get to know the operational teams (and let them “test” us) and get alignment and buy-in on this potential. After doing that in different sectors, I am now more calibrated to find the sweet spot between ambitious and realistic and to set targets and timelines that we can jointly commit to.

I’ve implemented the Continuous Improvement methodology several times, each time witnessing the enthusiasm when the first ideas get approved and the satisfaction when the financial controllers validate the results tracking and confirm that those are sustainable.

Why you love the Partners in Performance environment / why you’d recommend Partners in Performance?

I like the variety and pace of consulting, and found a good fit with the Latam team. Consulting is not for everyone: the travelling and the time away takes a toll on family life, but for those who choose to do it, Partners in Performance is a great environment offering flexibility, the right amount of pressure, and great colleagues that quickly become friends and who are looking after each other.



Role: Associate Principal
Home base: Moscow, Russia
Education: BA in Economics from Moscow State University with a high distinction

Partners in Performance promotes camaraderie, compassion, and teamwork to get the job done. This makes it a one-of-a-kind place to work in the consulting industry.