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Mithran Doraisamy

Mithran Doraisamy


Australia and New Zealand


Summary Bio

Mithran has more than 20 years of experience as a strategic and transformative leader who has driven significant revenue growth, efficacy, customer experience and efficiency improvement in large enterprises –in both executive and consulting roles.

He held positions at MD Advisory Group, EY, Berry Street and Telstra prior to joining Partners in Performance in 2017 as a Partner.

Mithran has worked in industries such as mining, telecommunications, government and professional services –endeavours in which he was driven by a mantra to 'Think deeply and quickly, prototype, then continuously improve’.

He blends Partners in Performance’s understanding of value and ‘wiring’ methodology capability with his deep experience in both strategy and operational consulting.

At the firm, his focus to maximise productivity –the value and speed of output, and the effort it takes to execute it. This focus extends beyond transactional and production environments alone –where techniques such as Lean can be applied, and into areas of creativity and innovation –where practices that incorporate Agile, design thinking and DevOps can be adopted.