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Monique Gilfoyle

Monique Gilfoyle

Recruitment Manager (Global Services)

Australia and New Zealand


Summary Bio

I’ve been in recruitment for just over 20 years. Outside of the office, I do a lot of voluntary work in my local community, by offering my coaching and mentoring skills where it is most needed and can make a difference. At Partners in Performance, I use these skills every day; whether actively listening in interviews to ensure an individual’s hiring journey is fair and transparent or coaching them along the hiring journey. When we receive a great application to join our firm, I partner with that individual and build a relationship that starts at the initial selection stage. It is about going below the surface level to understand what drives someone and truly matters to them.

From this initial conversation, we can gain a good sense of whether an individual will relish working in our fast‑paced, entrepreneurial environment and enjoy having fun on the way. Once they are on board, I have found that those who can make the biggest impact are individuals who put their hand up, gain the visibility of leaders within the business and are eager to turn their ideas into action that drives impact.

Monique Gilfoyle manages Partners in Performance’s global corporate functions, which include Human Resources, Finance, Training and IT. She lives in Sydney.