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Olga Maleshina

Olga Maleshina

Regional Recruitment Leader



Summary Bio

Olga Maleshina is Regional Recruitment Leader for the CIS region of Partners in Performance. Before joining the firm in 2019, she had spent time as a senior recruitment specialist at OTP Bank and KPMG Russia.

For Olga, recruitment is a natural fit for someone who had always been keen on dealing with people and helping them to explore their unique skillsets.

Having travelled around the world upon her graduation, she met people from different countries, industries and businesses. Their stories led Olga to the understanding that whatever business was about its success always depended on its people.

After more than 10 years in recruiting, Olga has a greater understanding of human nature, which has allowed her to bring value and thrive within Partners in Performance.

The firm’s entrepreneurial spirit always motivates Olga to seek value and deliver results in ways that continue to unleash her potential.