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Life in ANZ

We work hard and celebrate our achievements as a family.

  • One of the best perks is being able to choose where we live within the region.  The only requirement?  We need to be close to an airport.  Our team in ANZ definitely take advantage of this opportunity.  We reside all over the map from Sydney to Melbourne and Brisbane to Auckland.  Take your pick!  When our Partners in Performance family comes together in a city for engagements, though, we always have a blast. 

  • When you get a chance to hang out with us outside of work, get ready to hike, ski, play football, drive a race car or play in our band.  You’ll find no lack of adventure once we leave our client site for the weekend. 

  • When we’re onsite with our clients, we make it a point to exercise together frequently, enjoy team dinners, take in the impressive landscapes we have the opportunity to work in and even engage in social nights with clients.

Our ANZ team in action

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