Australia and New Zealand

PIP ANZ has been making bold impacts on businesses for the last 20 years. We partner with some of the biggest players in the region and have earned our keep as a world leader in management consulting.

Australia and New Zealand Results

What makes PIP ANZ unique?

  • This is where it all began. PIP originated in Australia over two decades ago when our founder, Skipp Williamson set out to start a different kind of management consulting firm. She became wildly successful all across the region and has since, with the help of other PIPers, turned PIP into a top tier firm in ANZ and globally.
  • PIP is headquartered in Australia, and many of our PIPers start here before making waves in other PIP regions around the world. Our PIP ANZ team comes from the top universities in the region and the world.
  • We partner with local, multinational and iconic Australian and New Zealand businesses, across a plethora of industries, to help them solve their most complex strategic and operational challenges. We’ve delivered $10 billion in EBITDA improvement and $40 billion in capital expenditure reduction over the past five years.

How are PIPers in ANZ unleashing potential?

  • PIPers helped an Australian-based wholesaler achieve a 70% reduction in LTIFR (Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate), ultimately accelerating safety improvement in only eight months. [Link]
  • PIPers worked on a capital services project for a company with a coal mine to port initiative. We successfully optimised the project by coaching the organisation toward a 30%+ increase in NPV for the project, resulting in a savings of $45 million. [Link]
  • Our client, a greenfield distribution centre for FMCG products, needed PIPers to improve logistics for their company. Our PIPers came through and increased their average pick throughput by 300% in only three months. [Link]



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