Europe’s diversity in culture and industry is matched by PIP’s curious, smart and pragmatic PIPers. A mix of local language speakers and extensive international expertise in business improvement around Europe and the world is what you’ll find in PIP Europe.

Europe Results

What makes PIP Europe unique?

  • PIP’s clients across Europe vary from logistics and finance businesses all the way to manufacturing, heavy industry and oil and gas. We serve both European head offices as well as global firms with operations in Europe.
  • Our PIPers come from all walks of life with extensive operations, line management and consulting experience, bringing with them not just local experience but a global perspective on how to make big impacts on a client’s bottom-line.
  • PIP Europe serves and coaches our clients on continuous improvement initiatives, capital efficiency and sourcing/supply chain management, among others, often reducing costs 10-30% and increasing revenue 30-60%.

How are PIPers in Europe unleashing potential?

  • PIPers in our Europe practice worked with a copper refinery to improve on-spec loop production by 80%, which was essential to the elimination of cathode downfall. [Link]
  • Our strategic-thinking PIPers identified an opportunity to increase volumes worth $20 million per year for an open pit iron ore mine that was feeling threatened by falling commodity prices. [Link]
  • A cobalt refiner in Europe was in need of a feedstock procurement and trading desk strategy, and our PIPers worked side by side with them to increase their tonnes of cobalt produced from custom feed sources by over 100%. [Link]




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