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Life in Middle East and North Africa

We balance work with fun while on an engagement. Our weekends are spent immersing ourselves in the local culture and taking part in the different experiences the place has to offer.

  • Our team takes full advantage of the diversity and culture offered in our region. We mostly spend our time in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) but have also visited other countries in the region, having held our most recent UP Day (Unleashing Potential Day) in Lebanon.
  • We make the most of the weather in the Middle East and North Africa, engaging in many outdoor activities such as fishing, kite surfing, and cycling. We’ve also been on a desert safari! We immerse ourselves in local traditions and can be found sharing an Iftar dinner with colleagues.
  • Work-life balance is a priority for our employees, especially during engagements. We achieve this through exercise, joining clients in their favourite sports like soccer and creating itineraries with time to see and enjoy as much of the local culture as possible.  We strive to make everybody feel a part of the team.
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Our Middle East and North Africa team in action

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