Middle East

The PIP Middle East office is at the crossroads of international trade opportunities and access to an abundance of natural resources, making it an oasis for business.

Middle East Results

What makes PIP Middle East unique?

  • Our PIP Middle East practice is quickly growing and making a name for itself in the region by delivering sustainable results to our clients and positively impacting their bottom-line.
  • With areas around the Middle East rapidly becoming hubs for business, PIP is doing our part by working within the mining and transportation and logistics industries, while branching out to continue growing our network.
  • PIPers in the Middle East are open to change, development and new opportunities, which makes them a great fit for this region.

How are PIPers in the Middle East unleashing potential?

  • Our Middle East PIPers worked with a national logistics provider to automate order entry and billing, resulting in half the error rates they previously experienced. [Link]
  • PIPers in the Middle East implemented a bottom-up PMO across a mining conglomerate’s headquarters and six sites, achieving a $500 million transformation, including a ‘wired in’ delivery process with six ‘cash rooms’ and a delivery cadence at sites. [Link]



Level 6
B8 Building
Al Barsha 1
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