Our client runs a wholesale operation supplying retailers in Australia/NZ. They design their own products and import them to their Australian warehouses from a manufacturing base in ChinaTheir safety performance was ~3x industry benchmark. Rapid growth and innovation was increasing the inherent risk in its operation due to increased volume and product variety being pushed through the same warehousing space.


  • 70% reduction in LTIFR (Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate) in eight months
  • Appreciation of top six operating risks/hazards
  • Targeted improvement plan, focused on top seven improvement areas, with granular implementation plan
  • Experience of an effective safety discussion
  • Alignment across the leadership team, and confidence to implement improvements
  • Understanding of performance versus the benchmark
  • Demonstration that you often get simultaneous safety and productivity improvement – no trade-off
  • Capability to conduct effective incident investigations (process and tools)
  • Capability to develop Safe Operating Procedures (SOP),  process and tools
  • Understanding of gaps in internal fortnightly audit process, and ideas to close