Our client, the capital projects division of a leading international mining product group, had recently incurred a run of safety incidents and had spent two weeks investigating the incidents. The client concluded accountability for safety was insufficient at all levels and that a standard, safety-focused review cycle, was necessary to drive “no overlaps, no gaps” safety accountability. The client had a broad concept of the 5Ps required (Purpose, Payoff, Process, Participants and Preparation) but absolute understanding was required to ensure the reviews delivered the desired impact.

PIP was engaged to ensure absolute clarity was rapidly achieved by refining the 5Ps, creating standard layouts, headings, report templates and “how to construct, how to conduct” guides.


  • Daily and weekly visual board pre-start meetings with a standard safety focus in place within a week of completing the safety investigation
  • Within two weeks of completing the safety investigation the front-line teams, construction leadership teams, project leadership teams, site leadership teams and division management teams all attended daily and weekly visual board pre-start meetings
  • Visual Boards, which consisted of a recent safety/productivity performance assessment and a safety/productivity plan for the period ahead