Back Office Transformation

Leaders in helping clients drive sustainable benefits while transforming office-based processes.

Assess your processes for high-value automation and AI targets, streamline selected processes, and implement automation technology and productivity improvements.

Our unique approach

Measure inputs & outputs

Measures inputs and outputs to create transparency of performance and accountability for individual and team performance

Create 'self-managed' teams

Creates ‘self-managed teams’ delivering work more efficiently and creating and driving their own pipeline of improvement initiatives

Centre of excellence

Sets up an efficient structure (Centre of Excellence) to efficiently deliver capability to teams – automation, process improvement and workforce management

Organisational wiring

Puts in place the organisational ‘wiring’ to drive overall performance and realise benefit (even when benefits of individual initiatives are fractions of an employee)

Our approach typically unlocks 15-25% in benefits by helping you:

  • Identify the opportunities for improving productivity and controlling cost while still meeting or exceeding required service levels
  • Optimise and simplify back office, shared service operations and people-intensive processes, especially after major merger, consolidation or relocation initiatives
  • Implement Robotic Process Automation and other digital tools to improve process efficiency and responsiveness

Our Relevant case studies