Capability Building

If results are going to have lasting impact, the workforce must be trained in how to deliver and sustain them. For this reason, capability building is integral to our work from day one.

We have extensive capability building experience

Capability building is in our DNA; our consultants have assisted numerous clients to build capability throughout their organisation. Our people work closely with your managers, supervisors and front-line personnel to build their skills in the areas that drive operational performance.

INSEAD and Partners in Performance launch Continuous Improvement programme

INSEAD, the business school for the world, together with global management consulting firm Partners in Performance has launched a new jointly designed digital course, ‘Leading Continuous Improvement’. This is the first time INSEAD has co-created an online course with content from both a consulting firm and INSEAD academics.

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The 14-week accelerated programme combines online learning with problem-solving to equip managers and business improvement specialists to make critical decisions and implement effective change management programmes in their own organisation.

The course is delivered online through a range of digital and virtual tools, including videos, case studies, simulations, assessments and project work. It also includes interactive discussions and Q&A sessions with CI Practitioners, INSEAD academics and participants building a diverse learning community. The first cohort of approximately 100 participants has begun, the programme will run again mid-2020 and continue twice a year.

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The first phase, Leading Organisations in Disruptive Times, is created and delivered by academics from INSEAD’s Organisational Behaviour faculty, led by Affiliate Professor of Strategy Chengyi Lin. This component of the programme examines power and influence dynamics in organisations, including effective network development. It helps managers and change leaders acquire skills for discerning the organisational culture they really have – not just the one they wish for – and how to shape that culture.

Commenting on the programme, Affiliate Professor Chengyi Lin said, “INSEAD is delighted to partner with Partners in Performance to create this joint programme. This partnership combines the expertise in continuous improvement process design from the Partners in Performance team and INSEAD’s deep knowledge in leadership and organisational behaviours.”

“In a time of change, leaders need both the technical know-how and the leadership capabilities to shift mindset, manage the transformations and generate impact. We hope our participants will be able to integrate both sets of skills through this programme and apply to their business challenges,” he added.

Partners in Performance Continuous Improvement practitioners, led by Director Wilhelm Schultz, have created the second phase, which they also teach via the online learning platform. This component provides a set of tools to build alignment and ownership around a shared outcome within an organisation and create demand for improvement. From here, they explain how to establish an ‘implementation machine’ that continually generates, prioritises and implements practical ideas to increase productivity and drive performance.

Director Wilhelm Schultz said, “We are excited to be partnering with INSEAD on this distinctive capability building approach. The programme brings together the best of INSEAD’s knowledge about leadership and Partners in Performance’s track record of delivering lasting operational impact. This course will provide valuable skills and tools to our clients – both at an individual and organisational level. We look forward to seeing you online.”

Programme Directors

Chengyi Lin
Affiliate Professor of Strategy
Wilhelm Schultz
Partners in Performance, Africa

Partners in Performance-Continuous Improvement practitioners

Tom Algie
Timi Adelaja
Senior Associate
Kate Mein
Practice Manager –
Continuous Improvement
Rebecca North
Christine Janse
van Rensburg

We employ multiple approaches to building capability

Through formal training and coaching on-the-job, your people build the skills needed to lock in the gains we make with you, and acquire the competence to drive improvement both now, and long after we have left.

  • On the job training: We work one-on-one with your people to identify and resolve the organisation’s critical issues. In doing so, we train them in our approaches and methodologies, building their skills and confidence so that they can in turn pass this on to others throughout the organisation.
  • Classroom training: We use more formal classroom training sessions to broadly disseminate our methodologies and tool kits throughout the organisation as they are needed. Classroom training is available to our clients, both:
    • Onsite, as part of an engagement, and
    • Offsite, as a tailored standalone training programme.

We have well over 600 training tools and materials that allow us to customise formal training programmes that address your organisation’s specific needs. All our training courses are highly participative, and provide practical, on-the-job exercises so participants can begin applying what is learnt in the classroom, to their role.

  • Role modelling and coaching: The methodologies and toolkits learnt in the classroom environment are then rigorously applied day after day on-the-job by the participants with support from a Business Coach to act as a role model, coach and support as they master the skills so they become second nature.
  • Testing competence by the ability to deliver results: Building competency is more than simply training your staff. Our consultants track and measure your people’s demonstration of competencies on the job, supporting them to “hard-wire” ongoing performance improvement into your organisation’s culture. This can only happen when your people have the right skills and tools, and when their objectives are aligned with your organisation’s strategy

    Partners in Performance left us with a sustainable methodology and a confident, enthusiastic team that knows what it is doing and how to do it. They are my first choice for consultants when we need an intervention. DAVE, VICE PRESIDENT, METALS INDUSTRY - REFINING

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