Capital Programme Management and Assurance

We support management teams in building world-class capital project organisations by tailoring a comprehensive set of best-practice tools to match the specific needs of each project or capital portfolio.

We have conducted over 200 process re-engineering/optimisation, change management and business-improvement engagements across many different industries and have a number of recognised experts in this area. We have extensive experience in capital project management and have conducted over 50 engagements across a variety of sectors. These include mining, oil and gas, energy and infrastructure. Projects often have limited time in which to embed and mature highly effective management systems before pre-construction activities start delivering timely outputs. Our approach is to assess the current state of a project’s systems against best practice and then work with the project teams to quickly close the most important gaps (aligned with the project’s phase). Our goal is to take best practice processes and ensure that they are tailored to the project, in use and embedded within weeks. Whilst the end product is always reflected in an improved set of documented procedures and standards, the majority of our team’s time will be spent working with project teams to understand the need for improvement, develop improved procedures and coach their regular use. Typical improvements include:

  • Clearer roles and responsibilities within teams and between the owner and contractors.
  • Embedded performance management.
  • Comprehensive meeting and reporting cascades.
  • Documented management and escalation procedures.
  • More regular and effective risk management reviews.

Example: hardwiring the organisation for capital commissioning

A multi-billion dollar greenfield mining and refinery site approached us to build the management infrastructure that would be required post commissioning. We:

  1. Implemented a reporting system based on Value Driver Trees and developed the Value Drivers into a fully integrated business model.
  2. Created role clarity around Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), established accountabilities and obtained the support of the management team.
  3. Implemented Results-Actions-Review (RAR) and built the operating disciplines (management operating system), including business coaching.
Partners in Performance have really helped us improve not only the value of our project, but also our management processes. I have worked with other consulting companies before that took two/three months to generate the first ideas and worked in isolation. With Partners in Performance we saw results in weeks and they worked in [a] truly collaborative manner with our managers.EDUARDO, VICE PRESIDENT, MINING INDUSTRY

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