Construction Productivity

Construction projects almost always have the necessary monthly contract reporting but few have structured performance/productivity management processes in place.

Most daily and weekly progress reports don’t report against schedule-based targets or highlight areas of emerging concern early enough for the team to work together to avoid delays. Progress reviews tend to focus on variations and existing delays rather than ensuring that daily readiness and rate targets are met or bettered to recover delays or build float into the schedule. At Partners in Performance, we ensure that our clients have in place a well-structured performance/productivity management processes to help ensure that every milestone is hit on time and in full, as well as highlighting delays early enough to recover the schedule with minimum effort. By adopting best practices from our performance improvement work across all industries, we work with owners and contracting teams to embed daily performance/productivity management processes and behaviours into project teams. These are cascaded from top to bottom. We work with project teams to ensure that:

  • Decisions are made based on a common understanding of the facts.
  • Schedule assumptions are made transparent to all – every day, front-line teams should know how much progress they are meant to make each day with how many resources.
  • All aspects of pre-construction are ready in time for each construction activity.
  • Leading and lagging indicators of progress on key work fronts/disciplines are tracked daily against schedule-driven targets.
  • Daily performance discussions happen with front-line teams to understand barriers to progress, generate improvement ideas, plan for the next day and agree quick corrections to deviations from plan.
  • Emerging trends are reported regularly to senior management to capture their experience in course correcting the project early.
  • The critical path is regularly reviewed and opportunities for reducing the schedule are taken early.

Whilst some of the work is focused on ensuring that the correct information flows are in place, our team’s key role is to work with management, engineering and front-line construction teams to make sure the right conversations happen every day, and at the right level, to ensure that decision-making is prompt and well informed.

The Partners in Performance team quickly applied their tools to help us accelerate progress on major concrete foundations. They built Value Driver Trees, identified tieing rebar as the bottleneck and worked with the construction team and contractor to increase the daily rate of progress, to bring forward completion of this Critical Path element of the project.GAVIN, PROJECT DIRECTOR, NICKEL MINING INDUSTRY

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