Contractor Management

Our approach to improving contractor management leads to improved performance, faster cycle times, lower service costs, and in many cases fewer contractors performing the same work.

Most organisations use a number of contractors to get work done. Often, however, these contractors are not tightly managed, and their costs are poorly controlled. In many instances, the business cases for outsourcing the work to contractors are not rigorously laid out.

We have extensive experience in effective contractor management through our continuous improvement work, and we can help you develop a professional system for managing your contractor workforce. We will assist you to achieve cost savings, better supplier/client relationships, higher-quality suppliers and reduced financial and safety risk.

We work with your team to:

  • Get the facts on current usage and identify ways to increase value from each contract:
    • usage
    • revenue/recovery
    • sourcing
    • controls and risk management
    • health and safety
  • Eliminate the root causes of contractor usage
  • Implement wiring and training to improve contractor management, reporting and controls
  • Renegotiate price, roles, terms and conditions to increase value to the business
The Partners in Performance team worked collaboratively with our owner’s team and prime contractor to introduce simple reports and reviews that clearly identified performance issues. Visibility and understanding of these issues and performance measures at the worksite, and all the way through the organisation, enabled effective performance management to occur: as well as frank, fact-based discussions with the contractor about the need to dramatically improve performance. I’m pleased to say they responded, and the project has turned a real corner towards on-time completion, as the performance metrics clearly demonstrate.MARK, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY

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