Cost and Cash

Taking cost out of your operation requires regular reviews, the setting of targets and the implementation of strategies to drive cost efficiency and build sustainable competitive advantage.

We specialise in helping our clients build an organisation that proactively monitors, reviews and reduces costs in a systematic way. With extensive cost reduction consulting experience of more than 100 engagements in cost reduction and over $5bn of delivered cost savings, we have developed methodologies and intellectual property that can be applied to your business to drive rapid, sustained cost reduction.

Our clients often engage us to partner them, on a pay-for-results basis, to share the risk and delivery of the full potential of sustainable cost improvements.

Operational cost reduction

We have developed proven, repeatable methodologies to drive out cost and ensure that newly embedded knowledge and skills can continually improve our clients’ organisations.

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Overhead cost reduction

We have helped many of its clients reorganise and refocus their corporate and ancillary functions to deliver rapid improvement.

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Working capital reduction

The reduction in working capital is often the overlooked opportunity in driving cost improvement, due to the lack of clear ownership and understanding of its impact on the bottom line.

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Footprint rationalisation

Our people have the unique blend of strategic insight and practical implementation skills necessary to deliver rapid and sustainable benefits from footprint rationalisation.

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Our site needed a major turnaround in a short timeframe. Partners in Performance really came through for us. They had an excellent process, which enabled us to identify opportunities to reduce total site cost by 21% in a couple of weeks. Every aspect of the organisation, from key operating functions to all administrative functions, was addressed, and all cost categories were reviewed. The best part of the approach was the process [it] utilised. While they came up with lots of ideas and showed us different ways of operating the business, and creative ways of thinking about the business, they heavily involved the entire management team. The result was that the management team was fully engaged, made all the key decisions, and completely owned the process, the commitments and the results. The team has deep respect for the professional manner, effectiveness and humility with which Partners in Performance provided this support. The impact was significantly higher than any of us had expected. ALVARO, GENERAL MANAGER, COPPER MINING INDUSTRY

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