Cyber Security

Managing operational risk in the cyber era

As the war for your data grows, as the scale of your digitisation makes your business exponentially more vulnerable, and as the sophistication and multiplicity of possible angles of attack grow, strategies focused on perimeter protection are no longer likely to work. Introducing new cyber security tools becomes both expensive and cumbersome to manage and they don’t show a direct, quantified link to risk reduction. We will help you to understand and manage your risks wherever you are in your cyber journey.

Our services

Cyber Diagnostic

Cyber Diagnostic – perform a custom mix of technical and operational assessments that show where gaps and overlaps exist within your personnel, processes, and technology

Cyber Implementation

Cyber Implementation – build the infrastructure within your business to be prepared to manage cyber and address the largest and most common vulnerability in organisations, people and their behaviours, through wiring, coaching, and behavioural change

Virtual CISO

Virtual CISO – for organisations that know the importance of having dedicated cyber security expertise but aren't ready to dedicate a full-time department to managing their risk, a vCISO can fill the gap

Helps you to:

  • Understand the value of your business, your mission critical assets, and their associated risks and associated opportunities
  • Wire your organisation to manage cyber risks with a proven, human-centric methodology
  • Provide smart trade-off choices between security and cost, understanding that money spent to secure is not available elsewhere in the business

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