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Digital programmes have specific requirements, yet many traditional requirements of change management remain critical

We regularly see large organisations declaring that the solution to the disruption of their legacy business model is a “digital transformation” programme. This is often underlined by a significant funding commitment which can be in the hundreds of millions. Technology buzzwords are regularly used in parallel: “blockchain”, “artificial intelligence” and “chatbots” are currently popular.

Disruption is real, and the mandate and vision are courageous and exciting, yet many digital programmes fail to deliver their expected value. Typically, this is due to exaggerated expectations fuelled by technology vendors, as well as a failure to design the programme for value, and gain alignment and ownership from inception.

Our consulting approach, a mix of practical tools, wiring and effective coaching, helps clients deliver on their digital programme based upon value, not technological promises.

Digital programmes have specific needs

  • Select opportunities based on value, not technological excitement - apply technology where it can add the most value
  • Actively engage with customers and users - in a digital world, decision-making needs to be decentralised, as agile teams make decisions about features and user designs daily
  • Launch fast and iterate - digital projects are not finished when a product is released; the work really starts after the market launch, so organisations need to decide when something is “good enough” to be launched

Traditional change management elements remain important

  • Ensure ownership and alignment so change is accelerated and sustained
  • Project manage with excellence - whether a digital project is delivered in an agile or traditional model, razor-sharp focus on the desired outcomes is required
  • Hardwire and build capability - installing the technology is just part of the journey, sustainable change also typically requires changed KPIs, accountabilities, reviews, incentives, and capability building within the organisation

We help clients set up their programmes for success:

  • Select the right digital projects to deliver value to your organisation
  • Establish disciplines to support transformation in your organisation
  • Upskill your team in digital project execution

Agree approach and implement within one month, then work closely with your team for 3-4 months to deliver sustainable change

"I wanted to express my thanks to you and your team for the over and above efforts they have made in the last four weeks. As a result, we now have much greater visibility of the programmes, a mechanism to manage the dependencies, risks and progress and a real focus on outcomes and delivery."

GM Information Technology, Australian Utility

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