Digital in Mining

Helping our mining clients identify, implement, and capture real value from digital

The mining industry is being disrupted and the pace of change is accelerating as more and more mining companies shift from the traditional technologically conservative mindset to one of innovation and early adoption. 

With so much change and so many ‘shiny new toys’ out there, we help clients navigate the chaos, avoid the common pitfalls, pinpoint the right opportunities, design the right solutions, and employ the right methodologies to capture digital’s true value.

We support clients throughout the digital transformation journey

Digital Roadmap

Digital Roadmap – sifting through the myriad of digital tools and technologies to align your team around the precious few digital initiatives that will have the largest impact on your organisation in the short, medium, and long term. Read more...

Portfolio Optimisation

Portfolio Optimisation – optimising your technology investment portfolio, taking into consideration the complex interaction between projects and the enablers required to make them work – establishing a structured, recurring management process. Read more...

Short Interval Control

Performance Management and Short Interval Control – identifying the right KPIs at each level of your operation, and establishing the systems, tools, processes, and capabilities for more impactful performance conversations and corrective actions. Read more...

Digital Project Execution

Digital Project Execution – deploying our world-class implementation methodologies to help clients implement digital projects on-time, on-budget, with full value delivery. Read more...

Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics – using predictive and prescriptive analytics to generate the insights that keep assets running longer and improve operations. Read more...

Technology alone is not enough

Our approach combines capability building, change management, and management process changes to deliver the full value


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