Digital Performance Management

The right data, in the right format, in the right hands, at the right time

Data, either too late or in the wrong hands, is meaningless. We can help you effectively cascade the right KPIs, establish transparency and accountability, and support real-time performance management, improving productivity by > 30%.

Our approach:

  • Focus the organisation on the most meaningful KPIs, cascading clear and controllable metrics
  • Highly collaborative – involving your people in the selection and design process to achieve real ownerships and buy-in
  • Ensures tools and KPIs are embedded (and actually used) in an effective review process to drive accountability, alignment, action, and results
  • Demonstrate results – work in the line to use the new tools and capabilities to deliver real tangible results – nothing builds buy-in and brings the sceptics on board faster!
  • Experienced on-the-job coaches and interactive training modules help your people to learn, apply, and deliver results using the new performance management system

Our fit for purpose tools:

Real - Time Short Interval Control

Develop a real-time and accessible view of how your operations are doing, and empower the frontline to make better decisions and communicate

Cascaded Key Performance Indicators

Access a complete, top-to-bottom view of the KPIs that generate value in your business and quickly identify the source of variance to target

Performance management helps you to:

  • Understand your value drivers and identify the precious few input and output metrics for maximum value creation at each level of your business
  • Identify and close gaps in your Management Operating System (MOS)
  • Design digital tools, such as E-forms, electronic dashboards, Short interval control applications, and integrated business intelligence systems, to improve transparency and accountability (automated for less admin burden)
  • Manage the change – coaching, training, tracking, and communicating for rapid adoption and effective usage

Our Relevant case studies