Insourcing & Outsourcing

The decision on whether a process should be insourced or outsourced and the effective management of transitions, can be critical to the supply chain performance and the business' success.

Setting up or changing your outsourcing is a major step that doesn’t always deliver what you expect. You may be considering change because outsourcing is not working well (maybe it never did) or internal or external circumstances may have changed sufficiently to warrant a review. Thorough analysis and deep commercial insight are required to select the right activities to outsource, choose suppliers, create the right commercial terms, and manage successfully. Once a sound decision is made, a detailed execution plan, tailored to the specific situation, will enable you to achieve the results you want. We are seeing an increasing number of clients looking to change their outsource arrangements, and we’ve found that a number of our tried-and-tested tools are helpful before, during and after the transition.

If you are making an insourcing decision, we can help you to:

  • Identify what work to bring inhouse
  • Assess the ‘wiring’ required (structure, KPIs, role clarity, reporting, reviews, standard procedures)
  • Determine the resources required if operating practices and productivity were improved and help to achieve that improvement
  • Add project management expertise and provide implementation support and coaching as needed

When outsourcing we can work with you to:

  • Hard-wire for continuous improvement: tracking, reports, reviews, accountabilities
  • Provide training in the role of contract manager at various levels
  • Develop deeper understanding of performance drivers to enable more stringent performance management
  • Develop reviews with KPIs and actions with contractor
The work at our mine, on both the implementation of the open-pit insourcing and the scoping/business case for the underground insourcing (taking lessons learned from the former), [is] very impressive. What’s more, the Partners in Performance team has clearly earned the trust and respect of site leadership: no question about that. It is clear that the work they are doing here is very impressive and clearly contributing to some major positive changes at the site.PAUL, VICE PRESIDENT - OPERATIONS STRATEGY, CONTRACT MINING INDUSTRY

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