Maintenance Performance Improvement

We help optimise maintenance activities, whether in-house or out, reduce the number of shutdowns – and the length of time they last, and, with effective supervision and execution, make changes stick.

By putting in place key wiring strategies and employing robust coaching we help reduce downtime, optimise performance and increase production. We:

  • Increase the day-to-day maintenance execution disciplines through more effective supervision and the execution of lasting behavioural change driven by maintenance activities. This change is supported by a closed loop of clear execution and compliance KPIs, such as tool time and schedule compliance. To achieve this we actively coach clients at all levels and implement visual management to create transparency on what is and isn't working.
  • Develop an effective maintenance planning function that is clearly linked to operations. This will set the right priorities and support effective execution.
  • Establish processes and transfer competencies to help our clients effectively manage their contractors.
  • Help our clients review major in-/outsourcing decisions and, if the client decides to change the status quo, we have an extensive track record of helping clients plan and execute these changes successfully.
  • We ensure the right operating strategies are in place and are working to their optimum. These include the key strategies of Root Cause Analysis, preventive maintenance policies and quality standards.

By implementing these key wiring strategies with our clients, we bring alive the success of this approach. For example, we helped one client cut shutdown frequency in half. Planned downtime fell from 5.5% to less than 3%. Some of the key areas of maintenance we have assisted our clients in delivering significant improvements include:

Unplanned downtime

We help stabilise operations by systematically eliminating the repeat offenders.

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Planned shutdowns

Planned shutdowns represent both a high direct cost, and a large opportunity cost due to the associated lost production. Simply put, we help our client’s reduce these costs.

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Predictive & preventive maintenance

Done well, predictive and preventative maintenance allows you to optimise the economics of your equipment, saving significant time and cost, while keeping production on-line.

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The Partners in Performance team helped my team deliver 25% and 12% volume improvement respectively, and 11% and 9% absolute cost reductions (20% cost/T). A large part of this was their work on maintenance, both planned and unplanned, dramatically improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our planned shuts and systematically eliminating causes for downtime. At one site unplanned downtime was reduced by 79%, while planned downtime was held constant. At another, total downtime was reduced by 60%. They reduced the costs of maintaining the equipment, reduced wastes and renegotiated key maintenance spends. Furthermore, this work led to significant improvements in the skills and morale of our workforce; improving retention at all levels. With Partners in Performance’s help we delivered a significant improvement in bottom-line results, and also a culture of accountability and continuous improvement. The increase in tonnes (availability and broke) and reduction in costs was higher than expected, and the urgency and pace they brought, ushered in a whole new level of performance culture. The consultants were exceptional, not only did they focus on implementation, and delivered results, but they did a great job of coaching all levels of our organisation.IAN, DIRECTOR, PULP AND PAPER INDUSTRY

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