Operational Readiness

To ensure operational readiness across all workstreams, we work with clients to put in place a detailed map to foster and sustain a focus on execution and delivery.

We frequently encounter projects with weak operational readiness:

  • Major projects that have significantly under-delivered on their expected ramp-up curve.
  • The planning and execution of the operational elements to enable project success was underdone.
  • Tens, or in some cases hundreds, of millions of dollars being poured into detailed planning and governance on the capital side, while insufficient money and attention is focused on planning and execution on the handover to operations.

The implications of this lack of attention are: late delivery from projects to operations, under-delivery during ramp-up (e.g. lower output, quality issues and cost overruns) and, an inability to quickly rectify performance during ongoing operations. We have assisted many organisations to attain and regain on-plan operational readiness, a smooth operational start-up and sustained performance. We ensure teams have a tight focus on key targets and go-live plans, supported by appropriate wiring and coaching for targeted leaders. To achieve this we work with clients to:

  • Map and implement required management operating systems, in all work streams, to build and sustain an execution and delivery focus.
  • Develop detailed four-month post go-live plans to set up the new operational teams for success.
  • Ensure all plans and activities are closely aligned and integrated with the project’s commissioning team with clear and agreed specifications and functionalities at handover.
  • Install correct wiring, prior to going live, so that all levels are aligned on requirements and can be managed to daily and weekly targets. We also help our clients with a detailed implementation of sound operational processes that enable a smooth start-up and position the operations well going forward.
  • Formal training and coaching for targeted leaders in the construction and commissioning of new operational teams.
Partners in Performance developed a clear plan going forward. This is the first time in months that we have direction on where this project is going.BRIAN, PROJECT MANAGER, COAL MINING INDUSTRY

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