Operations and Maintenance Performance

We “get” operations and what makes them tick. We bring proven and pragmatic approaches to unleash the potential of your operations and deliver big, bottom-line improvements.

At Partners in Performance, our approach to continuous improvement in operations has been refined over more than 15 years of hands-on operational experience. We are the industry front-runner with our clients achieving exceptional results. Our clients not only learn how to focus effectively on, and rapidly implement, the right ideas to deliver bottom-line improvements, but also how to wire in these ideas so they become part of their operations.

Our consultants deliver real results and stronger operations. We don’t merely provide recommendations or implement our ideas off to the side of the line management. We coach our clients so that they become the trainers and drivers of continuous improvement, to grow to become strong operations leaders and managers. Our experience and pragmatic approach mean we can quickly engage with your people, making big and rapid change possible in the most challenging of operations – whether that be in the Arctic Circle or Outer Mongolia, or at highly unionised sites – we have the experience.

Our experience and pragmatic approach mean that we are adept at fitting in with the existing improvement systems and we aren’t attached to only one approach. We will work with what clients build on or utilise, whether that is, for example, Lean, 5S, Shingo Prize or TPS. We also understand that great ideas already exist within our clients’ businesses. Our role is to help nurture and implement these great ideas, not to reinvent our clients’ wheel.

We work with our clients at individual operations or across entire global asset portfolios. Don’t confuse what we do with headquarters-only-focused ‘production systems’. Just like the success garnered by Toyota, our flexibility means we can help our clients where it matters most – by moving their skilled business improvement people and line managers to the areas of greatest need.

Each operation holds unique elements and our approach is tailored to our clients’ priority needs. The following two examples briefly set out a few elements on which we typically work with clients on.

Production increase

We help prioritise ideas and areas for change, align functions effectively to meet targets, drive ownership of ideas and responsibility for action, while ensuring communication is business-wide.

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Maintenance performance improvement

We help optimise maintenance activities, whether in-house or out, reduce the number of shutdowns – and the length of time they last, and, with effective supervision and execution, make changes stick.

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Lean manufacturing

We deliver not only bottom-line results but also a sustainable solution with a further empowered organisation.

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Field force effectiveness

We help clients increase field force effectiveness in two ways: by focusing on reducing non-productive time and by making tool time safer and more productive.

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