PIPware Suite

Making value delivery faster and more sustainable

We have been helping our clients improve their organisations for more than twenty years. Over that time we’ve developed world-class methodologies and many tools to support in their delivery. With PIPware, we’ve converted those tools into a suite of intuitive software solutions that make embedding our processes faster possible, with less admin, and easier to sustain in the long run.

PIPware products

PIPware CI

PIPware CI – an integrated system for managing your continuous improvement pipeline and improving performance management in your business. Read more...

PIPware Capital

PIPware Capital – supports our process for defining and optimising capital project portfolios, improving the economics of individual projects, and managing the execution on time, on budget, with full results. Read more...


PIPware PMO – software suite supporting our approach to delivering major transformational programmes – with a greater focus on value, improved transparency, clear ownership and accountability, and rigorous project management disciplines. Read more...

PIPware Value Hound

PIPware Value Hound – a key element of our methodology for establishing transparent cascading KPIs. Helps clients build integrated value driver models of their complex businesses, with analytical tools that enables rapid drill down, to pinpoint the key drivers of variance to targets – enabling better accountability and faster problem-solving. Read more...

PIPware Meetings

PIPware Meetings – a simple yet effective application to help clients improve the focus, efficiency, and impact of their key meetings, providing the pertinent facts to make decisions and an easy mechanism to record and follow-up on actions and targets. Read more...

Our unique approach

  • Simplicity and Velocity are one of our core values. As such, our PIPware solutions were designed to be intuitive, highly value-focused and fast to deploy.
  • Sustainability is a key objective of PIPware. To achieve this objective, each PIPware solution includes not only operational and programme delivery reports, but also reports that provide transparency on compliance, quality, and usage of the underlaying process disciplines.

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