PIPware Capital

Build and execute the optimal project portfolio for your company using our industry leading capital optimisation methodology.

PIPware helps you to:

  • Establish a systematic and transparent process for managing projects from concept through to value
  • Staying highly prioritised – focusing limited resources, both capital and human, on the most critical projects to deliver on organisation objectives
  • Up to 50% less capital spend, as you approve the most efficient set of projects that get you to your targets – and nothing else
  • Clearly and consistently defining the solution and business cases (with specific benefits targets) prior to implementation
  • Rigorous project management and higher value delivered – as each approved project has a rigorous review process, ensuring that you get as much value as possible out of each investment

Our unique approach

Each element of PIPware is designed based on our proven methodology and tool kit which has been refined over 20 years of helping clients prioritise resources, both capital and human, on the most critical projects to deliver on organisation objectives.

PIPware modules

Value Driver Trees

Value Driver Trees and Portfolio Target Definition – model drivers of your business to clearly define the targets (both financial and non-financial), define the key risks and set specific objectives for your project portfolio

Project Forms

Project Forms – smart forms that expand the level of detail and definition as a project moves from concept, to detailed design, to implementation ready – ensuring enough analysis to prioritise and make go/no-go decisions at each stage gate without unnecessary levels of detail

Portfolio Optimiser

Portfolio Optimiser – our proprietary optimisation algorithm creates recommended portfolios that first deliver on strategic and ‘license to operate (safety, emissions, etc) targets and then provide optimal return on your remaining capital budget. Portfolio evaluation tools allow you to make manual adjustments and compare multiple portfolio options and select the ‘best’ portfolio for your needs

Project Management

Project Management – most capital projects leak considerable value during execution. Our suite of project management tools, reports, and reviews help ensure clear transparency and rigorous management at the portfolio and individual project levels

Readiness Tracker

Readiness Tracker – provides a clear overview of where each project is in its maturity, to ensure they are ready to start on time and enabling quick corrective actions when required

Capability Matrix

Capability Matrix – simple yet effective system for tracking delivery of customised training programmes and qualification of skills transfer

Personalised Dashboard

Personalised Dashboard – each user has their own customisable dashboard showing their specific KPIs, their projects, consolidated action lists, and a variety of other useful information

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