PIPware Continuous Improvement

Enable rapid performance improvement while embedding our powerful continuous improvement methodology.

PIPware helps you to:

  • Focus your organisation on the precious few priorities that will have the greatest impact on bottom-line performance
  • Make improvement part of the wiring of an organisation that continues ad infinitum – it does not occur as a project with a defined start and end
  • Ensure driving improvement and accountability becomes part of each manager’s role and a part of ‘how you do business’
  • Establish and sustain a system of cascading metrics and performance reviews
  • Integrate and drive long-term adoption of our proven continuous improvement and performance management tools

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Our unique approach

Each element of PIPware is designed based on our proven methodology and tool kit which has been refined over 20 years of helping clients realise rapid and sustainable performance improvement.

PIPware modules

Capability Matrix

Capability Matrix – simple yet effective system for tracking delivery of customised training programmes and qualification of skills transfer

Value Driver Trees

Value Driver Trees – build interactive models of your business or specific ideas to better understand performance potential, pinpoint levers of greatest value, define input and output targets, and conduct automated attribution, sensitivity, goal seek, and what-if analysis

Results Actions Reviews

Results Actions Reviews – performance management meeting templates that ensure priority alignment, define action and KPI target expectations, and allow for regular reviews of KPI performance, and idea/project progress; this includes functionality and automation that streamlines the RAR process, making it easier to embed and sustain these powerful management meetings in your organisation’s operating rhythm

Central KPI Database

Central KPI Database – a central KPI database provides a 'single source of truth' and removes the admin burden of ensuring the right data is available to support efficient meetings, track the benefits of ideas or projects, set targets, and cascade KPIs and accountability down the line

Ideas Management

Ideas Management – manage a pipeline of improvement ideas through defined stages from concept through to value in the bank; this includes idea form templates for defining initiatives, implementation plans, value targets, sign off forms for stage gate progression, automated benefit tracking, and other powerful reports

Personalised Dashboard

Personalised Dashboard – each user has their own customisable dashboard showing their specific workstreams, projects,  deliverables, and KPIs, and a variety of other useful information

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