PIPware Meetings

Design and manage a system for recurring meetings, ensuring they are fact-based, action-oriented, and value-focused.

PIPware helps you to:

  • Make better use of peoples’ time by keeping meetings focused and on time
  • Improved decision-making by having the relevant facts readily available in meetings
  • Drive greater action and accountability through your meetings

Our unique approach
We’ve been helping clients supercharge the effectiveness of their meetings for two decades – PIPware Meetings provides some simple and effective tools to help achieve and sustain good meeting disciplines.

PIPware modules

Defined Meetings

Defined Meetings – clearly define the purpose, process, payoff, participants, preparation and supporting data required for each of the recurring meetings in your management system

Central KPI Database

Central KPI Database – a central KPI database provides a 'single source of truth' and removes the admin burden of ensuring the right data is available to support efficient meetings, track the benefits of ideas or projects, set targets, and cascade KPIs and accountability down the line

Action and Decision Management

Action and Decision Management – facilitate your meetings live in the app, capturing actions and decisions in real time, enabling automated dissemination of meeting minutes and easy tracking and follow-up of overdue actions

Quality and Compliance Tracking

Quality and Compliance Tracking – easy tracking and coaching through built-in quality scoring and compliance tracking

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