Execute major transformation programmes with a methodology and software that enables a greater focus on value, transparency, ownership, and accountability.

PIPware helps you to:

  • Improve the success of your large transformation programmes
  • Enables teams to establish world-class PMO functions faster and makes it easier to sustain when we leave
  • Reduces time and energy required to maintain tracking and management tools, freeing up more resources to support implementation and change management

Our unique approach
  • Very pragmatic level of detail in planning and management tools, avoids creating an overly complex and resource-intensive management system
  • Breaks programme down into manageable pieces and establishes clear ownership and transparency of each piece
  • Designed for visual management – enables easy building of programme ‘War Rooms’ and visual management centres

PIPware modules

Programme Structure

Programme Structure – breaks the overall programme down into discrete workstreams, initiatives and activities, with clear targets, owners and delivery milestones; rolls up the Gantt charts from each initiative into and overall holistic programme plan

Initiative Management

Initiative Management – includes initiative charter templates for defining initiatives, implementation plans, targets, structured workflows, benefits tracking, and a multitude of powerful reports and management tools to help ensure rapid and sustainable delivery

Programme Workstream Initiative Reviews

Programme, Workstream, and Initiative Reviews – a series of integrated cascading programme management meetings to create alignment and transparency and rigorous management of on-time programme delivery

Risk Management

Risk Management – enables simple tracking of key risks and their mitigations

Central KPI database

Central KPI Database – a central KPI database provides a 'single source of truth' and removes the admin burden of ensuring the right data is available to support efficient meetings, tracking the benefits of ideas, setting targets, and cascading KPIs and accountability down the line

Personalised Dashboard

Personalised Dashboard – each user has their own customisable dashboard showing their specific KPIs, their projects, consolidated action lists, and a variety of other useful information

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