PIPware Value Hound

Build and integrate value driver models across assets and departments, and identify value opportunities with easy-to-use drill down and analysis tools.

PIPware helps you to:

  • Foster clear ownership of performance metrics and improved understanding of the most critical levers for value creation
  • Spend less time investigating issues and more time generating solutions to improve the root causes of performance issues
  • Focus the organisation on the most critical value levers and improvement priorities

Our unique approach
  • Simple easy to build and maintain Value Driver Tree functionality
  • Proportionality and ‘size of the prize’ front and centre, so precious energy is only focused on the issues that matter
  • Designed to drive accountability and action in your business, not just a flashy tool

PIPware modules

Value Driver Trees

Value Driver Trees – build interactive models of your business or specific ideas to better understand performance potential, pinpoint levers of greatest value, define input and output targets, and conduct automated attribution, sensitivity, goal seek, and what-if analysis


Integration – link multiple data sources and value driver trees together to break large complex operational models into discrete components owned and managed by different business units, departments, teams, and individuals

Source of Variance

Source of Variance – interactive variance reports, with easy-to-use click-down functionality, enabling rapid drill-down to identify specific levers driving performance gaps

Performance Management

Performance Management – integrating with Results Action Review and Meetings modules to foster high quality conversations about performance and rapid corrective actions focused on value

Central KPI Database

Central KPI Database – a central KPI database provides a 'single source of truth' and removes the admin burden of ensuring the right data is available to support efficient meetings, track the benefits of ideas or projects, set targets, and cascade KPIs and accountability down the line

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