Procurement wiring & organisational effectiveness

Embed the structure, processes and disciplines that creates a highly effective procurement organisation.

Procurement ‘wiring’ describes the management processes, expectations and behaviours that determine how effectively a Procurement organisation performs. It is what drives your team to certain outcomes and ways of operating time and again. We start by assessing your current wiring, and then work with you to leverage strengths. We then address the gaps that create communication breakdowns, rework, misaligned priorities, missed expectations and other frustrations. Strong procurement wiring helps organisations get full value from supply contracts, improved performance from suppliers, and robust stakeholder engagement.

We work with your team to:

  • Embed annual road-mapping exercise to define and achieve KPI targets, specify strategic imperatives
  • Optimise the ‘Procure-to-Pay’ and ‘Source-to-Contract’ process, identify and implement optimal IT support systems
  • Determine and implement optimal organisational structure, define job descriptions with clear accountabilities and incentives
  • Implement effective spend compliance, supplier management, and procurement performance management processes
  • Create proactive category management strategies
  • Position Procurement as a commercial advocate
The compliance processes set up by Partners in Performance were a good way of hard wiring outcomes and secure reductions in cost. One of the contributions made, was to help us to think about procurement in an operational sense. It was evident that they had worked in the plants, they had worked in manufacturing and so the tools are not generic tools used for office supplies or used for indirect materials; they were tools that were very much influenced by their operational industrial experience.SUE, GENERAL MANAGER - GLOBAL PROCUREMENT, CHEMICALS INDUSTRY

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