Production Increase

We help prioritise ideas and areas for change, align functions effectively to meet targets, drive ownership of ideas and responsibility for action, while ensuring communication is business-wide.

Our tried-and-tested, results-driven methodologies help clients make their organisations more efficient and productive.

To help clients improve their operation’s performance and increase production, we:

  • Capture the production process and key input levers through a site-wide Value Driver Tree. This methodology allows us to work effectively with clients to:
    • Identify, prioritise and focus on the areas that will deliver rapid bottom-line improvements and allow us to understand the interaction
    • Ensure the operations functions are clearly aligned to agreed targets.
  • Bring cross-functional groups together in structured Ideas Generation Sessions to look at selected highest-impact levers. These groups will develop and prioritise the specific improvement ideas that have the greatest impact on production but are the easiest to achieve.
  • Focus on addressing and eliminating factors, prior to implementation, that can delay execution. Our experience and approach means that we can quickly recognise these factors and eliminate them before they arise.
  • Understand and address wiring ‘gaps’, particularly those that sustain performance, such as an alignment with weekly performance reviews and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), with agreed-upon targets, that can be cascaded throughout the operation.
  • Drive implementation and ownership throughout the business to improve the skills and competence of the operations – i.e. we work through the line with the owners of the production lever to implement the idea.
The operations are performing brilliantly almost a year after you, [Partners in Performance], have finished; the three-monthly results are 18% up, year-on-year. The variability is a lot smaller than a year ago. This has been a great journey. Culturally there are big changes that I am extremely pleased about. We have the engagement and ownership needed for sustainability and high performance, which is now taking place everywhere.JACK, MANAGING DIRECTOR, IRON ORE MINING INDUSTRY

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