Rapid Sourcing

Our Rapid Sourcing model delivers quick savings through better pricing and terms.

Our Rapid Sourcing methodology tackles the ‘tail’ of your procured spend through a highly accelerated sourcing process. Strategic Sourcing is too slow/uneconomic to apply to much of the tail. Yet cumulatively, the tail still represents considerable spend.

We invented Rapid Sourcing in the early 2000s to solve this problem – a rapid, process-efficient methodology to capture 80:20 savings from the tail spend. Our experience shows cost savings of 4-9% are possible over a typical 8-12 week engagement.

Rapid Sourcing involves direct negotiation with hundreds of non-critical suppliers, resulting in volume reallocation or consolidation to the best ones. Our methodology is:

  • We conduct a rapid diagnostic of your supply base, existing market and contractual conditions
  • For each supplier we define the process, strategy, negotiation objectives, and end states
  • We prepare a negotiations script, conduct training and coach your team through mock negotiations
  • Together, we conduct negotiations with suppliers

We use our proprietary tool SpeedSource to deliver Rapid Sourcing engagements. SpeedSource makes it easy to rapidly source hundreds of suppliers over a few weeks:

  • Run hundreds of negotiations concurrently
  • Centralise supplier interactions
  • Streamline team efforts
  • Monitor savings achieved in real time

Capability development is a key feature of all our engagements, which enables clients to maximise ongoing benefits.

We delivered results that were an order of magnitude greater and more rapid than any I have seen from consultants – and they came in under budget.  MARK, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, MINING INDUSTRY - PORT OPERATIONS

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