Supply Chain and Procurement

PIP's procurement category savings average between eight to 12 per cent and in some categories reach 40 per cent.

Success in procurement is a combination of skill, experience, methodology, deep information, and commercial and operational savvy. Cost reduction is important, but not enough – and understanding impacts of supply on the operational economics, the importance of having a strong network of suppliers, and the value of a  world-class procurement system and team is also important in any procurement assistance you seek.

Our world-class procurement consultants bring these qualities to you, having decades of collective experience and amassed knowledge and Intellectual Property (IP). We transfer this throughout all engagements, coaching your team to sustain new processes and behaviours. This will ensure your procurement solution is not only effective but also sustainable in the long term.

  • PIP works with its clients to help reduce their cost base, strengthen their supplier base and create a world-class procurement organisation
  • Procurement improvements can also result in product innovation, shorter cycle times and increased throughput and revenue
  • Our world-class procurement practitioners bring extensive industry, category and operational experience. This has been garnered from around the globe.
  • Our procurement methodologies are underpinned by extensive, world-class training. This will ensure benefits are sustained in the long run. And with our coaching techniques incorporating over 50 training modules certified by The University of Melbourne, our methodology is as credible as it is effective in transforming your business.

All this enables us to coach your people to deliver bigger, more sustainable savings faster than our competitors.

Strategic sourcing

We have delivered substantial savings across all major purchasing categories, delivering on average, between eight and 12 per cent.

Over the 16-20 weeks of a typical engagement, PIP can help you establish the processes, systems and culture needed for your business to drive continuous improvement and substantial cost savings/value increase.

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Rapid Sourcing

The PIP Rapid sourcing model delivers quick savings through better pricing and terms.

The methodology includes rapid analysis, quick communication, negotiation strategies and the coaching of your team to sustain the rapid savings we’ll help you deliver. Our experience shows cost savings of three to seven per cent are possible over the typical eight to 12 week engagement.

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Insourcing / Outsourcing / Best Shoring

PIP follows a rigorous and proven process to determine the optimal configuration and location for clients’ operations, and then works with them to implement changes to deliver rapid and sustainable benefits.

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Contractor management

PIP can help you develop a professional system for managing your contractor workforce. We will assist you to achieve cost savings, better supplier/client relationships, higher-quality suppliers and reduced financial and safety risk.

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Supply chain management

We connect users and suppliers across the supply chain and provide insight and solutions as to how a supply chain can be optimised and integrated with procurement and operations.

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