Supply Chain Optimisation

We help our clients optimise their supply chain, from the manufacturing and warehouse footprint, to SKUs and inventory levels, to logistics operations.

To help our clients’ supply chain organisations perform to the optimum, we:

  • Agree on the key goals of supply chain optimisation, whether that be increased forecasting accuracy to prevent production outages, a reduction in working capital tied up in inventory, improved reliability of supply, or something completely unique to our client’s situation
  • Collect detailed data for modelling on locations, inventory, and associated costs, e.g. penalties on stock-outs
  • Build a detailed flow model for inbound and outbound primary and secondary supply chains using a supply chain simulation tool, from which we can form prioritised savings hypotheses
  • Scenario test the network for different hypotheses, structuring an implementation plan with both “quick wins” and longer-term improvements
  • Review the supply chain management operating system to identify gaps and prioritise the work required to address these. We often work with clients to develop a regular review system to check performance and keep the organisation aligned with key objectives

Provide ‘on-the-job’ coaching on supply chain management best practices to client team members while making sure the right processes for efficient operation are in place. Our extensive experience in operations means we can bring a highly practical approach to improving your supply chain design and operation. We extend our de-bottlenecking practices to complex supply chains to maximise the capacity of current equipment and infrastructure using simple but powerful models that allow clients to gain insights quickly.

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