Sustaining Capital

Excellent capital management processes are often targeted at large and complex projects. Meanwhile, the management of smaller, sustaining capital projects required to keep existing operations on track, slips under the radar.

We have proven that the process for driving sustaining capital projects can often be improved, delivering rapid financial benefits without compromising the day-to-day operations. Our approach to optimising a company’s use of sustaining capital is to work with relevant managers to assess the readiness of the current project portfolio, the recent performance of the Sustaining Capital programme and the effectiveness of the company’s portfolio optimisation and project-control processes. The joint team works to answer four key questions:

  • Are the right projects being approved?
  • Are approved projects appropriately challenged and fully optimised?
  • Can the approval and development processes be accelerated?
  • Are the projects delivered in full, efficiently, to budget and on schedule?
You can have the best intentions, but without a clear plan and method of implementation, honest feedback through an audit, and then review-tweak-review-tweak-review-tweak, you will never experience success. Partners in Performance drive for results and will to succeed made our changes possible and successful. Combining our technical knowledge with the approach was a match made in heaven; a recipe for success.JEFF, MOBILE PLANT MAINTENANCE MANAGER, MINING INDUSTRY

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