Technology Portfolio Optimisation

Maximise the ROI from your technology portfolio

Our Technology Portfolio Optimisation service establishes a structured and recurring process to help you identify impactful projects, build the optimal portfolio of technology projects based on smart analysis of synergies and enablers, and manage a rapid transition from detailed design, business case, implementation, and full value capture.

PIP's unique approach

  • Ensuring only ‘enough analysis to make a decision’ at each stage gate, delivering rapid prioritisation and execution
  • Highly collaborative approach engages key stakeholders, industry subject matter experts, and shortlisted vendors to design ideal solutions for your unique problems
  • Our expert coaches embed management disciplines and build capability within your business so the process and its results are sustained over the long term
  • Custom-built portfolio management software helps makes process faster, more consistent across departments, reduces admin burden and makes process more sustainable
Number of Digital Initiatives
digital portfolio initiatives

Helps you to:

  • Clearly identify objectives; identify enough projects to deliver
  • Optimise your portfolio using smart portfolio optimisation algorithms
  • Optimise your project’s implementation and design plans for maximum value
  • Ensure rigorous management of projects to start on time, execute on time, and deliver results

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