Working capital reduction

Reducing working capital is an often-overlooked opportunity in driving cost improvement, and this is due to a lack of clear ownership and understanding of its impact on the bottom line.

We have typically reduced working capital by 10% by assessing areas of major spend in large resource and industrial companies.

The major components of our approach include:

  • The breakdown of working capital spend into top five areas.
  • The assessment of each area for savings potential.
  • The establishment of a target savings amount for each area.
  • The preparation of a high-level capture plan for our client to realise savings.

We have the experts and the extensive IP to be successful in reducing working capital. We focus on engaging sites for sustainability and we help deliver big, rapid, real results. Our recommendation is based on practical implementation and is not just an academic report.

I’m very happy with the improvement. Partners in Performance did a great job at understanding the issues very quickly, structuring and facilitating the issues and taking us through [its] process.FRANK, INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, IRON ORE MINING INDUSTRY

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